Heat Patch

The sun came in through the window and burned a small square of skin through her tights. She savoured it. It was October. Autumn threatened in earnest. There’d been a March afternoon when she had done exactly the same – sat in the kitchen, at the table, with her eyes half closed and her head … More Heat Patch

City Baby

I see her every morning standing outside the apartment building on the pavement at the bottom of the marble steps. She’s waiting, not young, not old, bobbing the baby up and down in a sling on her front. She strokes the baby’s hand and whispers to it. Its legs kick back and forth against her … More City Baby

The Item

At last, at last! The intercom expelled me from my chair, sweat beading on my lip and my forehead. I strode for the door stepping over the book I had just sent shooting from my lap across the oriental rug and made my way in a measured haste towards the entry phone. My heart, I could tell from all … More The Item

Cassie’s House

Not long after I rang the bell a teenage boy opened the door and eyed me through the crack. ‘Hi,’ I said. ‘I have an appointment with Cassie this afternoon’ expecting him to let me in. He closed the door without saying anything. I was on time, two p.m. like she’d said in her email. I touched my … More Cassie’s House

SEX – and its role in literary fiction

Is it political, provocative or sensationalist to document realistic experiences of sex in contemporary or literary fiction? I don’t think it should be. Literature documents ideas. The experience of the characters we write should ring with with truth and clarity. That should extend to sex they have. My friend C Green and I share our writing with … More SEX – and its role in literary fiction

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is this. My boyfriend moved in. I was worried about the risks, you know, the emotional risks. About him irritating me, touching all my shit, moving my crap around. I was worried about him messing with my independence, turning me into one of those girls, taking away an element of what made me … More Positive Thinking

London to Aviemore

‘Are they allowed a sweet? I’ve got some travel sweets.’ The young girl in the seat across the aisle opened a tin of Simpkins. ‘They are allowed but I’m sure they don’t want one.’ Their mother said. The three boys, whose thick hair covered their ears, who were wearing cream coloured rugby shirts with mustard yellow … More London to Aviemore