Mechanic’s Institute Review (MIR) Online


Weekend in the Cairngorms, a short story by Odette Brady was featured on MIROnline in March 2017. Mechanics’ Institute Review (MIR) is the literary journal of Birkbeck College, University of London. You can read Weekend in the Cairngorms by clicking here.


Three Postcards, a short story by Odette Brady, appeared in issue number fifteen of Popshot Magazine. You can buy it here.



The Walk, a short story by Odette Brady, appeared in the first ever issue of Halo Lit Mag, a magazine that showcases women writers. It is available online here (Odette’s story is on page 37) and readers are welcome to make donations which go to the writers.



Fed-up waiting for Keith, a flash piece by Odette Brady appears in the first issue of the fantastic new showcase for very short fiction founded by Margaret McGoverne ‘StrippedLit500’. You can download issue 1 here.


Soap Novel

For eighteen weeks from the beginning of 2016 Soap Novel was written in real time week by week and published every Monday. Written by Odette Brady and edited by Gill Siddle, it was a new take on the absurdities of the Soap Opera, and a revival of the type of London caper that was serialised by Charles Dickens. You can read Soap Novel  at

PC190222 (1)

Follow Jo as she wakes up on the the first day of 2016 and goes about her life chasing women, news stories and doing her best to avoid her washed-up rockstar father. As her life and the lives of those around her collide with both real and fictional events, expect to encounter chaos, absurdity and the raw side of London.


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    1. Thanks Coreen! I always love hearing from you – glad you’re excited. I am too!! Jim and I are moving back to the UK soon (early 2016). You, Janet and I should meet some time and talk about writing and art.


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