My week in dreams

Swimming in the sea with grey whales and de-horned narwhal that had big square teeth My sister removing a mole on my face with a breadknife when the surgeon was too busy to come to theatre People reading Soap Novel and then talking about it with their friends Being chased by a man with a gun (standard dream for … More My week in dreams

The Homeless Man

This is a true story* A woman was shouting at the homeless man that sits outside Morrisons. He was cross legged on the pavement with a hoodie on. He’d pulled the sleeves over his hands and the hood down over most of his face. The rain had made his cardboard sign limp and the ink had … More The Homeless Man

Horrible school girls

3 minute read….(contains swear words) The moment Mr Pickett arrived at the front of the class the two girls started laughing. Geri was fifteen and had a terrible attitude. Just that morning she had told her mother to fuck herself when asked whether her room was tidy. Sian was fifteen too and quietly spiteful. She wasn’t as … More Horrible school girls

Happily Married

3 minute read….. He is slicing up cucumber and I am lying on the sofa just listening. He makes our lunch on Saturdays. Saturday lunch has the value of the five dinners I make for us throughout the week combined. I like the break from deciding and preparing. He likes to square up his domestic debt. I am the first home from work … More Happily Married