London to Aviemore

‘Are they allowed a sweet? I’ve got some travel sweets.’ The young girl in the seat across the aisle opened a tin of Simpkins. ‘They are allowed but I’m sure they don’t want one.’ Their mother said. The three boys, whose thick hair covered their ears, who were wearing cream coloured rugby shirts with mustard yellow … More London to Aviemore

My week in dreams

Swimming in the sea with grey whales and de-horned narwhal that had big square teeth My sister removing a mole on my face with a breadknife when the surgeon was too busy to come to theatre People reading Soap Novel and then talking about it with their friends Being chased by a man with a gun (standard dream for … More My week in dreams

The Homeless Man

This is a true story* A woman was shouting at the homeless man that sits outside Morrisons. He was cross legged on the pavement with a hoodie on. He’d pulled the sleeves over his hands and the hood down over most of his face. The rain had made his cardboard sign limp and the ink had … More The Homeless Man