Horrible school girls


3 minute read….(contains swear words)

The moment Mr Pickett arrived at the front of the class the two girls started laughing. Geri was fifteen and had a terrible attitude. Just that morning she had told her mother to fuck herself when asked whether her room was tidy. Sian was fifteen too and quietly spiteful. She wasn’t as rambunctious as Geri, and her room tended to be clean, but she was going to grow up to be mean spirited. The change in her had already started happening.

Mr Pickett wrote his name on the whiteboard. Before he’d had a chance to introduce himself, Geri said,
‘Oh-for fucks-sake-this-is-ridiculous,’ and started giggling uncontrollably. The school was in Dagenham and had both girls put much effort into their Essex accents. They used the catchphrases ‘don’t be silly’ and ‘fuck-a-duck’ at least thirty times a day each.
‘Don’t be silly.’ Sian said, quietly and scoffed and shook her head.
‘Eeee-he-he-he-he-he-he.’ Geri’s giggling went.
‘No offence sir,’ Sian said. ‘But you look like a pupil.’ Her brow was creased up and she bobbed her head like a nodding dog as she said it.
‘Eeee-he-he-he-he-he’. Geri slapped her friend on the arm. ‘Fuck-a-duck! you’re cracking me up Sian, stop it.’ She said.
‘He does though dunt’e.’ Sian glared at Mr Pickett. Geri leant as far back as she could with her mouth wide open laughing. She grabbed Sian’s arm to stop herself falling off her chair.

‘I am covering for…’ Mr Pickett tried to explain that he covering for their usual teacher. The rest of the class, knowing that he wouldn’t win against Sian and Geri, talked amongst themselves. There was little point doing anything until the girls were thrown out.
‘Oh my god it talks.’ Sian said. Geri stopped giggling for long enough to say,
‘Don’t be silly,’ and then started up again. Mr Pickett had a 2:2 in English from Manchester University and had recently completed his teacher training at the University of Essex. Unimpressed with anything he had learned about discipline he decided to take control on his own terms.

‘You two plebs,’ he addressed the girls in a soft and steady voice. ‘If you don’t shut up I’m going to murder you. Don’t think I won’t. I’ve done it before.’ Sian and Geri drew sharp breaths. The rest of the class hadn’t heard the teacher speak and they carried on talking. Geri waited a second before picking up her school bag and storming out in tears. Her top-knot wobbled around on her head as she walked. She dragged her feet so her trainers made a scuffing noise with each step. She slammed the door behind her. Sian respected Mr Pickett for saying he’d murder her and was quiet. He looked away. Then he started the lesson. Later on, when Geri asked Sian if they should tell their parents, Sian said no. Geri usually did what Sian said. This time was no different.

Thank you for reading. I’d love to know what you think of this piece – head to the comments to let me know. If you enjoyed it please consider sharing it with a friend. If you hated it why not send it to an enemy?



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