Welcome, friends


Welcome to a world, friends, where there are seven types of artificial sweetener available, should you choose to sweeten your coffee without sugar. There are 44,000 different radio stations to choose from, 270 religions you can devote yourself to and more than two genders you can decide to be.

Welcome to a world where you can 3D print a gun, or a stent for a human heart, or a cup. You can choose to make noise, make peace; love, or war; to see space, to see mountains, seas, lakes and streams. If you choose to, you can see trees, leaves, fibres, cells and the tiny particles that make up cells.

You can choose to see people, or just to look at them. You can choose reasons to, or reasons not to. You can choose where to live, what to do and when to do it. You can choose to say yes, and no. You can choose to stay unsure. You can choose to wake up, or stay asleep. You can hit snooze as many times as you want to. Safety and danger are up to you too, I hope, as are sides of the bed, hair up or down and whether or not to listen.

Welcome friend, and choose wisely. Embrace the world as you shape it, and shape it you will because that’s the only part that you can’t choose.


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